Fitness Bootcamp In Hartford, CT

Bootcamp is a program I started 20 years ago before it was such a fitness staple. My program challenges the body and the mind and is done outside rain or shine. We create an environment that brings out your strength and confidence. We work in a team environment where no one is left behind no matter what level you are. Bootcamp is progressive. It gets more difficult and challenging as the weeks go by. We incorporate running, weight training, abdominal work, athletic drills, and body weight exercises. Average weight loss is 8-10lbs in 8 weeks and body fat loss of 6% when following a specialized meal plan and additional 3 workouts a week. With 20 years of proven results and success stories, Bootcamp is the program we are “famous” for. Not only do we assist you in gaining strength, endurance and confidence we become a team of friends who help, encourage, support and motivate you. All of these components help keep you accountable and foster your success.

Bootcamp has 2 levels:

Location Subject to change

We meet at 215 South Street, Hartford, CT

There are 3 sessions




Each session is $240 or 4 payments of $60.

Bootcamp’s are also included in some of our Platinum Memberships at The Loft

We also have a Saturday Bootcamp at 9 am with Betsy. It is included in some of our indoor packages or a $15 drop-in fee these are open to anyone at any time to attend and is a good way to try to experience what Bootcamp is all about. Please bring a mat and weights if you have them.

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